About us

Plain White Ltd (PWL Brands) was founded three years ago by Haydn Klein as a vehicle to supply creative tableware for both Restaurant and Retail markets. Haydn with over twenty years senior industry management experience recognised the growing trend of products overlapping both market places where ‘Speaking the language of Food’ is common place.

PWL Brands is a think tank for smart creative collaboration and a home for style and sophistication. We believe that considered design and beautiful tableware enhance the overall quality of life and we aim to contribute to that end with every product and partnership we undertake.

Everyone at PWL Brands has a passion for lifestyle products; this is evidenced by the World class brands, designers and manufacturers we bring to the buyer. Our organisation is enthusiastic and creative but has at the same time extensive experience and expertise. We understand the materials, processes and the markets, the ‘ins and outs’ of the logistics and the ‘do’s and don’ts of the different cultures.

We have a great track record working with leading Chefs, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers and Retailers which demonstrates our capability to combine Brands and Products with your aspirations in a very successful way.

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