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Italo Ottinetti

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new brand, Italo Ottinetti!

Founded in 1920, in picturesque town of Baveno, Lake Maggiore, Italo Ottinetti are synonymous with the manufacture of quality aluminium products for professional and domestic use. This includes a wide range of cookware; from confectionery moulds to decorative jars, professional pots to pastry cutters.

You will love Ottinetti’s ‘Le Piccole’ range; a new way of cooking and presenting your creations at the table! Prepare in an oven proof porcelain dish, tailor made to fit the miniature pans for the perfect presentation!

View the Italo Ottinetti website: http://www.ottinetti.it/


Italo Ottinetti – Barattoli

Italo Ottinetti – Le Piccole

Italo Ottinetti – Le Tazze

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