PWL Brands provides a range of services for discerning clients in the food, restaurant and retail Industries. The integration of our award winning designers and manufacturers, our sales and marketing expertise, together with our passion for tableware and food presentation enables us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive solutions. At PWL Brands we can oversee your projects from concept to market, or we can tailor our services with your individual needs. It is this interdisciplinary approach that distinguishes us from the competition.

PWL Brands represents ten world class manufacturers specialising in unique and distinctively designed products for restaurants, home and gift markets. We have a National sales team and permanent showroom in Notting Hill London. We have a presence at both National and International trade shows and established relationships with important retailers, chefs, restaurants, hotels and leading distributors across the Country. PWL Brands can ensure that your product will be seen and used by the target audience.

AT PWL Brands we take care to evaluate the fundamentals of each project by focusing on the merits inherent to each client, product or idea. With a keen eye towards the target audience and market climate, we strive to find the best solution to capture your vision to unveil to your shoppers. After all this is your name and your brand and quiet rightly your customers will have high expectations for the quality and continuity of the product they purchase.
We can work with all ceramic materials, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china either off the shelf or bespoke. Add to that Wood, Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastics and the possibilities become limitless. We take care of your packaging and artwork, all the labelling and drop test boxing if needed. We follow your story boards, trends and pantone colour matching and ensure everything is manufactured for delivery in time for the Seasonal change.

PWL Brands have years of experience in editing, conceptualising and designing products in a range of materials to support food presentation and Menu changes. This makes us a unique resource in the Industry and a trusted collaborator to development chefs, operators, designers and marketing teams alike. We work to your deadlines and your budgets to ensure every detail is in place for the new Menu launch. These decisions can determine your success and our design, manufacturing and sales teams are here to guide you every step of the way.

PWL Brands provides consultation and support for all manner of creative undertakings. If you are starting a new project and aren’t sure how to proceed, our multifaceted team and associates can assist in guiding, editing, refining and executing your brief.

We aren’t just a creative sales and marketing enterprise that delivers great brands and products but we can also help you source that missing ingredient. With our vast Global knowledge of the tableware and accessory Industry we are able to find the product or appropriate manufacturer that will provide you with a solution. We are very strict about selecting manufacturers and we pay careful attention to the compliance of environmental and labour laws, we will ensure we provide you with any certification that is required to meet with your corporate governance.

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