Vista Alegre

The porcelain factory of Vista Alegre was founded in 1824 in Ílhavo, in the region of Aveiro, Portugal, fulfilling the dream of a 19th century Portuguese visionary, José Ferreira Pinto Basto. Throughout its journey, the Vista Alegre brand has created a range of tableware and glassware evoking natural elements of the world.

Specialising in contemporary porcelain, working with famous European designers such as Bartek Mejor, Bregana Saints and Carsten Gollnick, Vista Alegre has created the stunning collections of O’Moon, Mares and The Chef’s Collection. Vista Alegre has also recently worked with the Christian Lacroix Maison developing stunning new collections and designs.

Vista Alegre possesses the best and most advanced porcelain factories in the world and continues to develop new shapes and designs, recognising the importance of innovation and design, combining technology with creativity to appeal to celebrated chefs and restaurants worldwide.

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Vista Alegre – Hotelware (PDF 16.3mb)

Vista Alegre – Premium Catalogue (PDF 8mb)





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